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Wed - Sep 06


By Mary Chrichton

Could we please get some feedback from any carers regarding microbats with alopecia. In the past three years at least 5 have come into care (all survived). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Our Adelaide Zoo is now involved with the latest little guy (they seem to be all Goulds Wattled to date).

We have had septic arthritis & anaemia diagnosed with the previous one. All such a mystery, however, perhaps spraying of pesticides may be one of the causes of this, as well as other compromising/stress-related issues. Skin scrapings were not taken as the Zoo Vet was a little hesitant with putting the bat through this at this stage.

If bat should die, tests will be done then (hormonal/mite/worms etc.). Just to advise that with previous bats, they come in patchy, lose all fur/hair, then regrowth occurs quite quickly and they end up with a beautiful coat. (11g, 41mm forearm juvenile to sub-adult). He came in dehydrated (found on ground like they generally all are).

Once again, any help is much appreciated.

Mary Crichton
South Australia

Fur loss - Received through FR on 18/12/08.
Fur lost completely and now fur regrowth evident under skin.
Head & shoulders commenced first. Ventral last but developing now very well.
Adelaide Zoo vet treatment - Ivomec.

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