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Ozark has been providing a valuable and unique service for wildlife workers and carers since 1993. It is a service that has been provided freely, with the goal of sharing quality information, and provision of secure communication and support to wildlife workers and carers, for the benefit of wildlife in care. It is through effective communications, and the provision of quality information across-the-board, that the standards of care can be raised, and those working in the wildlife care field can be supported and assisted in their important task of caring for our precious wildlife.

When Ozark first began, there was nothing like it in existence. There was very little communication, or sharing of information amongst various individuals and groups. Knowledge was at times jealously guarded. There was no avenue of communication between various wildlife rehabilitators from all the different groups across Australia. People caring for wildlife in remote areas in particular, did not have ready access to training resources and information, nor feedback and consultation from experienced wildlife rehabilitators.

The creation of Ozark, and the original concept of freely providing quality training manuals and educational resources for wildlife rehabilitators all around the country, has been taken up with enthusiasm by the wildlife workers and carers, and the sense of community created by the network and shared resources, has brought about much positive change in the wildlife caring community. Ozark has been at the forefront of bringing together the wildlife rehabilitation community; whilst remaining non-political, supportive of all, and maintaining the focus on wildlife.

A great many native animals in rehabilitation have been saved through the ready availability of quality information provided by Ozark, and the access through the Ozark network to speedy advice from vets and those experienced in the field.

Through many years service Ozark has become respected and trusted in the wildlife rehabilitation community, providing education, information and communication responsibly, and with appropriate checks and balances to ensure quality and up-to-date resources. Ozark continues to grow and evolve as a vital and unifying service, which directly aids and benefits our unique and vulnerable wildlife.

We need your help to keep this important and valuable service available for all wildlife workers and carers. Please consider supporting Ozark. If you are interested in advertising your company through sponsorship, write to the Ozark administrator through the contact form on the links here, or if you are already subscribed to Ozark, you can write direct to the administration email address. To donate to help support Ozark, you can pay via secure PayPal facility, by clicking the link here. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this service. Cheques can be made payable to Ozark Incorporated, and sent to Ozark Inc. PO Box 589, Woy Woy NSW 2256. Or if you prefer to use direct bank transfer, the details are: Ozark Incorporated, Acc:??714426761, ?BSB:??637-000. Please include your name and contact address (or emal address) to receive a receipt.

All support provided to help keep this service running, is most appreciated! Funds are directly used for the running and operation of this service. All work in providing this service is completely voluntary; no wages are received from it. Ozark Incorporated is a registered non-profit organisation.

Thank you for supporting Ozark!

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